Donna Perkins is....

A genuine Travel Expert, successful business woman, producer, actress, dancer, choreographer.

Donna's Wanderlust originates from her years of frequent globetrotting as a dancer & choreographer for numerous well-known artists in the music industry and their related world tours. These opportunities allowed her to become a culturally well-rounded individual and she now shares her travel experiences and more as the resident Travel Expert and Executive Producer for andiamo! UPTOWN.

Don't let Donna's classiness and keen fashion sense fool you - because she LOVES adventure sports! Whether it's rock climbing, SCUBA diving, playing golf or even continuing her goal to surf just as brilliantly as her husband, Donna finds great joy in staying active in the great outdoors! And being this active is very needed given her schedule as a very devoted mother and a highly astute television producer and content development executive.


andiamo! UPTOWN - Negril, Jamaica with Affion Crockett

andiamo! UPTOWN - Switzerland - Jungfrau & Interlaken

andiamo! UPTOWN - Switzerland - Zurich

andiamo! UPTOWN - Phuket, Thailand - w/ Cobi Jones